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Hey there! Welcome to Climate Soup - the climate blog about analysing and discussing Climate policy, science and news. Here I write articles about the Climate Crisis everywhere from a global scale, to a district level. I want to bring the Climate Change to the forefront of people’s attention without ever losing hope.

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24 Jun 2024: POLICY

Interviewing Imperial about their new climate policies

24 Jun 2024: POLICY

Election time: what's in the manifestos?

10 Jun 2024: POLICY

Imperial's new plan to save 519,500 tCO2e and get to net zero

13 May 2024: FOOD

Plant-based Universities motion loses 11-13 in Union Council

18 Mar 2024: ESSAY

In Other Waters

12 Mar 2024: POLICY

Climate Compatible Growth

11 Mar 2024: EVENT

Sustainability Fortnight recap

05 Feb 2024: FOOD

To help eat less meat, Imperial is replacing meat with other meat

19 Jan 2024: ANALYSIS

Breaking down Imperial's 264,344 tonnes of pollution

23 Jul 2023: UPDATE

The future of Climate Soup

23 Apr 2023: FOOD

How to change your diet

01 Mar 2023: FOOD

Food & what we're up to

07 Nov 2022: EVENT

It's Climate Week!

29 Sep 2022: ENERGY

Interview with Rupert Blackstone

05 Sep 2022: DECEIT

Charismatic Delay

06 Aug 2022: POLICY

Carbon Pricing #1: theory

27 Jun 2022: UPDATE

Summer term summary

13 Jun 2022: REPORT

School survey & Oil Reality Check

07 Jun 2022:

A promise of corporate transparency

24 May 2022: SCIENCE

WinACC emissions report

23 May 2022: UPDATE

Now introducing Climate Soup!

09 May 2022: SCIENCE

1.5 is dead. Long live 1.5!

02 May 2022: REVIEW

Popping Podcast Postulations #1

27 Mar 2022: FOOD

What we eat and a comic

17 Mar 2022: NEWS

IPCC Report and war in Ukraine