The future of Climate Soup

23 Jul 2023

I have 2 brief announcements if you’re interested:

I’m not at WinColl anymore

I’m really proud of the work I’ve done at Climate Soup and I want to continue writing about the Climate Crisis. However, I can’t continue to have the same focus on issues at Winchester College as I have done.

My current email will soon stop working but I should have a new one for anyone who wants to get in touch to use shortly. Whilst you wait, I am on Mastodon, and don’t expect to be using Twitter any more.

Best of luck to the new sustainability society presidents and MIC. There’s a lot of potential for change, but it is not easy. Remember to have fun!

My awesome sister, Ruby Mitcham, made me a new logo for Climate Soup, which you’ll see I’ve slapped all over this website. I love it!


Also, I’ve finally finished an article which I’ve been thinking about for ages and it’s coming out tomorrow!

I want a new sign off and I’ve no idea what it should be right now…

Oscar Mitcham